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BMG Advisors is an advisor-owned financial services business powered by LPL Financial, Member FINRA SIPC. Unlike other firms, we're proud to say we serve people who want our help, regardless of how big your account is. Yes, we have high net worth clients. But we also serve many of Kansas City's hard-working, everyday folks who just want to know, "will I have enough to retire?" We specialize in helping families plan their life story, and we know that understanding the individual client is paramount to a successful relationship.

Our "Plan Your Story" process:

  1. The "Fit Meeting." Selecting a financial advisor is an important decision. One you should not take lightly. (Although we do like to have a little fun in the office sometimes.) We'll sit down and get to know you a little in the first meeting. We'll ask some questions about your goals, where you feel you are with your financial health, and try to understand what matters most to you. We don't want this meeting to be too much about financial stuff. After all, we're still trying to decide if we're a "fit." However, this meeting is your opportunity to ask what you want. So if getting into the details about sharpe and expense ratios is what you want to discuss, we'll be ready. (Oh, and for this meeting, there's no charge.)
  2. Follow Up. If together, we choose to take the next step, we'll put together a proposal for you. For some, this includes comprehensive financial planning through our Wealth Vision tool. For others, an Investment Proposal that includes our investment models, detailed pricing, and process to get started.
  3. Onboarding. Should you decide to hire us, the next step is onboarding. We love our technology partners, as they've made this easy. Nearly all documents are signed electronically, and you'll receive copies of your paperwork via email instead of the outdated ways of other firms. (And yes, Jen sees to it that we recycle in our office, too.)
  4. Plan Your Story. When we enter into a relationship with a new client, we expect to serve you for the rest of your life. Of course, you can part ways any time you want, but our goal is to know you as well as your family does. We intend to be there for every chapter of your life. And most of all, we are here to help you plan for it.


We prefer to work in an "investment advisory" capacity with clients instead of a "commission/broker" capacity--meaning we charge a fee on your assets instead of a per-transaction charge. We believe this aligns with our goals. As you make more money, so do we. As you make less, we do too. For new clients, our fee for investment advisory services is 1% for the first $1,000,000. Above $1m, our fee drops to .75%.

However, we want you to know that we don't always manage money in this way. Sometimes, when appropriate, we will recommend a product with a commission instead of a fee. These vary by product, and there are too many products to list. We welcome the opportunity to explain our fees and what/how we get paid. And if you don't understand, keep asking! We are committed to transparency at BMG.