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Prologue, epilogue, or any chapter in between, BMG Advisors helps you "Plan Your Story."

At BMG, we specialize in helping families and businesses plan their story, and we know that understanding you first is paramount to a successful relationship. Unlike other firms, we're proud to say we serve people who want our help, regardless of how big your account is. So whether you're just starting out, or sold your business for millions, BMG is proud to help you plan for what's next.

Our "Plan Your Story" Process:

  1. The "Fit Meeting." Selecting a financial advisor is an important decision. One you should not take lightly. (Although we do like to have a little fun in the office sometimes.) In the first meeting, we'll sit down and get to know you a little. We'll share some coffee, ask some questions about your goals, where you feel you are with your financial health, and try to get an understanding of what matters most to you. We don't want this meeting to be too much about financial stuff. After all, we're still trying to decide if we're a "fit". However, this meeting is your opportunity to ask what you want. So if getting into the details about sharpe and expense ratios is what you want to discuss, we'll be ready. (Oh, and for this meeting, there's no charge.)
  2. Discovery Meeting. If, together, we choose to take the next step, we'll collect the information we need in this meeting to start making a proposal for you. For some, this includes comprehensive financial planning guidance through our Wealth Vision tool. For others, it's an Investment Proposal that includes a comparison to your current investments and a personalized risk analysis with our licensed software, Riskalyze.
  3. Recommendations. In the third meeting, this is where we will put it all together for you. You'll see our proposals, recommendations, and we'll answer any questions you may have to help decide if you want to work with us. We love our technology partners, as they've made this easy. Nearly all documents are signed electronically, and you're emailed copies of your paperwork. (And yes, Jen sees to it that we recycle in our office when we do use paper.)
  4. Plan Your Story. When we enter into a relationship with a new client, our expectation is to serve you for the rest of your life. Of course, you can leave any time you want, but our goal is to know you as well as your family does. Helping you plan your story is why we exist, and we intend to be there for every chapter of your life. 

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