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Early Retirees are Faced with Medicare Decisions

| May 07, 2020

The Pandemic is Forcing Employees to Face Early Retirement. How Do I Handle Medicare Enrollment?

We're seeing a lot of people being forced into making a retirement decision. It can be very overwhelming. Are you prepared?

As the Medicare specialist on the team, I am tasked with helping our clients navigate the murky waters of Medicare enrollment, Medicare supplements and the other assorted pieces that make up your health plan in retirement. If you do it right, no problem. But if you do it even a little bit wrong, the repercussions could last you the rest of your life. Here at BMG, we want to make sure that doesn't happen.

With the economy being in flux recently, and uncertainty being the word of the day, a lot of people have been asked to take early retirement in one form or another. They are suddenly faced with making decisions about their health care plans and understanding Medicare much earlier than expected. To help with some of this, I am digging into my resources and finding pertinent information that should help you feel more at ease in making the right decisions.

One of the main questions I have been being asked lately is about HSA’s and what you can or cannot do with them. The resource I commonly use has a very good article about this topic so I am sharing it here to help answer these questions. Keep in mind: As you work through your Medicare enrollment, I am available to help at any time and would be happy to meet one on one to discuss what all of your options are.

These are challenging times, but all of us at BMG Advisors are here to help.


Steve Minshull