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With time and persistence your goals are achievable

| July 23, 2021

This week my husband and I did something 18 years ago I felt was impossible- we made our 1st college payment.  When our 1st daughter was born, we were a couple of broke 23 year olds.  We were starting out in life, and really were living paycheck to paycheck.  My dad, a financial advisor at the time, insisted that we buy a couple life insurance policies and start saving for college.  I had no idea where this extra money would come from, but he convinced us that if we could put $25 a month into a college fund, he would match us- and so we started saving.

This practice became habit and as all parents do, my dad took the training wheels off and stopped the “matching program” but continued to encourage and added some funds on birthdays and holidays.  We reviewed our budget and slowly increased our savings each year.  It wasn’t easy, but I am proud of what we were able to do.

Now, a very quick 18 years later, we have an amazing human getting ready to go out into the world.  We sat her down, explained what funds were available for her education, and showed her how these funds could work through college.  We explained our expectations the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity she has been given and those she has earned.  We talked through her financial impact depending what school she chose to attend, and the pros and cons of the schools she was considering.  At the end of the day, she chose the one she felt was the “best fit” for her and provided a solid economic argument for attending as well.

What we have done is not magical, but does take advantage of 1 very important key-TIME.  I have found in my 14 years as a financial advisor, the hardest part is just taking that first step.  Once you start saving, is so easy to do more and before you know it 18 years have gone by. 

So my question to you is- What is something you want to accomplish, but haven’t started?  My second question is- Why not?  What is that 1 small step you can take now that will put you on a path to make that dream, that goal a reality.  My friend and coach, Marcie, always reminds me- How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  So think one of the items on your dream list.  What is the one action you can take to start making that dream a reality? 

At BMG Advisors, we know everyone has a story.  Some people take the time to plan for it.  Take time to plan yours.  I am thankful my dad helped us dream a little and take that first step, that truly has made a world of difference.  If we can be that resource for you, we are here to help. In the meantime, I am excited to see what this kid does and so thankful that the planning we did many years ago helped put us in position to help her do it.  Go crush it kiddo!