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Our Stance

We are a relatively young company, but when we look back on the legacy we leave behind, we will be proud of the work we did to support our entire community. We condemn both overt and institutional racism. And we will always lean in, which is hard, versus staying silent, which is easy.

Our Commitment

  • We commit to helping provide access to financial empowerment and education to all willing people, even those who cannot afford it.
  • We commit to being intentional about having a diverse workforce. 50/50 female/male and people of color will always be our benchmark by which we will judge ourselves. 
  • We commit to spending our philanthropic dollars on causes that directly benefit our most vulnerable people.

Our Actions

  • We volunteer in many ways and ask our team to take paid time to do so.
  • BMG adopted a family in need in Kansas City's Urban Core. We mentor, coach, help, and, most importantly, love them. Our goal is to reverse the curse of generational poverty.
  • We explore ways to support Kansas City graduates pursuing a finance degree, like a paid summer internship and the opportunity for full-time employment after graduation.
  • We are launching a financial planning class series for the underprivileged people of our Urban Core. We believe knowledge is power and are committed to helping to share it with those who want it.

We need to do more, and we will. But you can be sure that we are committed to doing our part. Now and forever. If you have ideas and feedback on how we can do better, we welcome it. You canemail us here.