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Investing is Part Science, Part Art

Our paramount focus at BMG Advisors is to put the client first by evaluating objectives, understanding risks, and illustrating value. We utilize a multi-level due diligence process to leverage the broad resources of LPL and seek independent insight from different analysis software and our strategic partners. Our Investment Committee of advisors and analysts work daily to observe market trends and constantly contact fund managers, wholesalers, and experts. We champion a long-term investment approach, and our strategies are extensively reviewed quarterly. But, should market conditions dictate, we have the ability to make dynamic changes. It is our honor to provide exceptional active portfolio management, value, and options while continuing to achieve the three objectives listed below:


We focus on managing investment costs within internal investment fees, sales charges and/or commissions, and investment advisory fees.


We strive to maintain investment risk commensurate with your risk profile. To do this, we utilize a clear and decisive risk analysis tool and personally review your accounts to ensure they match your level of risk suitability. Additionally, we use our software partners to objectively validate our portfolio recommendations.


Finally, we are deeply concerned about retirement income and inflation risk as we build client portfolios. While we cannot control market performance or inflation, our focus remains steadfast as we attempt to improve income and overall return potential while managing risk and cost.

To summarize, diversified, strategic investing across multiple goals takes a blend of science and human input. At BMG, we are committed to our process to provide objective, strategic allocations with the goal of growing and protecting your investments.