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Subscription Based Financial Advice with Transparency

$50/month for a Dedicated Financial Coach

Are you ready to get serious about Planning Your Story? Begin with Prologue

Learn more below, and when you're ready, schedule a Zoom meeting. We'll be here.


Think of us as your on-demand CFO for your life. Everyone is different, but the clients who use subscription based planning need help with things like budgeting, developing financial goals and strategies, and building wealth. Each life is a precious story; one we don't want you to waste. At BMG, we help you "Plan Your Story."


  • We have an initial "Fit Meeting" via Zoom to see if we are a good match for each other.
  • If you choose to subscribe, there is an initial setup fee of $100.
  • After that, you'll be charged $50 per month for your household.
  • Cancel any time. After all, it's OUR job to deliver value to YOU. 


You have hired us to be your advocate. We will always act in your interest, and give you the best advice we can. No question is out of bounds, and you don't have to worry about us selling you anything.

Disclosure: Prologue is a subscription model for financial planning services, which are offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Payment for these services is facilitated through AdvicePay, a fee-processing  platform for LPL Financial Advisors. AdvicePay , BMG Advisors and LPL Financial are separate entities.