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Subscription Based Financial Advice with Transparency

$50/month for a Dedicated Financial Coach

Are you ready to get serious about Planning Your Story? Begin with Prologue

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Think of us as your on-demand CFO for your life. Everyone is different, but the clients who use subscription based planning need help with things like budgeting, developing financial goals and strategies, and building wealth. Each life is a precious story; one we don't want you to waste. At BMG, we help you "Plan Your Story."


  • We have an initial "Fit Meeting" via Zoom to see if we are a good match for each other.
  • If you choose to subscribe, there is an initial setup fee of $100.
  • After that, you'll be charged $50 per month for your household.
  • Cancel any time. After all, it's OUR job to deliver value to YOU. 


You have hired us to be your advocate. We will always act in your interest, and give you the best advice we can. No question is out of bounds, and you don't have to worry about us selling you anything.       

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a certain level of wealth or income to work with Prologue? 

Absolutely not. There is no ceiling or floor to wealth and income for Prologue clients. That said, we specialize in helping people early on in their wealth story, that's why we've designed Prologue to be affordable. 

Is Prologue an investment account?

No. We can provide asset allocation advice in the course of our Prologue relationship and we can help you invest using the other services BMG Advisors provides, but Prologue itself is solely financial planning and coaching. 

I have a lot of debt, can you help me? 

We understand that debt weighs heavily on many people, and can be an impediment to achieving your goals. While we're not a debt counseling service, we can help you build a budget and a debt reduction plan without losing sight of your dreams, such as retirement and travel. We've helped clients tackle these exact issues and are ready to help you. 

What is BMG Advisors, are you a bank, an insurance agency? 

BMG Advisors is an investment advisory firm. We focus strongly on financial planning, and prepare financial plans for our investment clients regularly. Prologue allows us to offer financial planning to folks that aren't ready to invest with us. That often includes participants in 401(k) plans whose assets cannot be transferred out, and entrepreneurs who are primarily invested in their business. 

This seems to good to be true? Why are you really offering this service? 

We understand that we can't just be about managing wealth, we need to help the next generation build it. Our existing experience and infrastructure allows us to keep the cost of Prologue down, with no catches or hidden charges. All of BMG's Advisors earn a salary, so you don't have to worry about us trying to earn a commission by steering you toward products or services you don't need. 

What exactly to do I get for my $50 per month?

Prologue offers the follow services included in our fee: 

  • Monthly check-ins with your advisor
  • Q&A on demand with your advisor
  • Asset allocation advice
  • Debt management coaching 
  • Goal planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Budget building
  • Review of work benefits 

Additionally, when we begin working with you, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the above and make any initial recommendations promptly.

Who will I work with? 

You can access any advisor on our team. Prologue is led by Austin Kuehl. Austin has earned the Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional (ABFP™) designation, which focuses on managing the relationship between psychology and financial decision making. 

I have more questions, but I'm not ready for a meeting, what's the next step? 

You can call us at (816) 792-5072 or complete the form on our contact page below and we will respond. 

Ready to Learn More?

Ready to Learn More?

A fit meeting is the next step.  Austin will discuss your most important financial questions and concerns. Together, we will determine if Prologue can help. There's never a charge for a fit meeting.

Schedule a Fit Meeting

Disclosure: Prologue is a subscription model for financial planning services, which are offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Payment for these services is facilitated through AdvicePay, a fee-processing  platform for LPL Financial Advisors. AdvicePay , BMG Advisors and LPL Financial are separate entities.