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Anissa Wolfe

Anissa Wolfe

Practice Administrator

Anissa Wolfe is a Practice Administrator with five years’ experience positioned in various administrative roles; mostly comprised of human resources operations. Throughout her career, Anissa has hit her stride as an administrative supporter and brand ambassador. Anissa’s recent professional experience involves supporting various departments within several government contractors, including HR, operations, security, executive support, and business development.

Anissa is a silent leader. She believes that good organizational leadership starts from the bottom-up. Effective interdepartmental communication forms a foundation that a company can build on. She believes all employees play an important role in the success of an organization, and only through teamwork can we succeed. 

Anissa obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in communication, with an emphasis on interpersonal communication, and a minor in psychology from Northwest Missouri State University. Once a Bearcat, Always a Bearcat!

When Anissa is not working, you can find her submerged in the clutter of a thrift store, or antique mall, looking for unique pieces. On sunny days, she spends her time outside enjoying the company of her family - her husband and favorite four-legged child.