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Kim Hayes

Kim Hayes

Operations Manager

Helping people make great financial decisions is an amazing experience. My entry-point into this profession was as a receptionist in a financial planner’s office in Topeka, Kansas. From that purview, I learned that the clients I greeted and gave coffee to were coming to our office because they had dreams and needed help to make them happen. I realized very quickly that I wanted to be that person who could help them make informed, confident decisions so that they could work towards making their financial dreams a reality.


Moving from receptionist to financial advisor and CFP® professional took some time but gave me such a strong foundation on which the rest of my career has been built. In 2008, I was offered a position with Waddell & Reed, Inc., which is where I got the opportunity to support and help build the firms’ financial planning business alongside great financial advisors like Rocky Buford, Jen Malone and Adam Hawley. I am thankful that Jen and Adam and I are all able to work together again at BMG Advisors. In my role here, I provide support to the team as a liaison to LPL, help with business planning and identifying strategic partners as well as advisor development and training.


I totally love playing cribbage with my husband, hanging out with my cool kid and providing the cushiest-ever life to our three German Shorthair Pointers.