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Shawn Tipping

Shawn Tipping

LPL Financial Advisor

I was the guy in college that hadn’t picked a major until the summer after my junior year.  Realizing that I was out of money, needed a car, and needed to graduate, I perused the available degrees and locked in on Communications, it required 42 credit hours to graduate, and I could take 21 hours each semester and be done.  So that is what I did, 42 hours my senior year of college.  About a year after graduating, I met a financial advisor that set up my first investment account.  He introduced me to the world of mutual Funds, and after that first meeting, I was hooked. 

A lot of time was spent learning about the financial planning and investment industry, yet none of my friends seemed interested in casually or professionally chatting about these things that I had fallen in love with.  So in 1999, I took my Series 7 exam and went out to find people that wanted to talk about these things. As I look back over the last 30 years, it is easy to see how my love for investments and helping people learn about investments has led me to the career I’m supposed to have.

When you find a place that works hard to provide the tools needed to be successful and your coworkers motivate you to try harder, do better, and learn more, you have found the right place to work.  I chose to join BMG because I find great joy working with a team who shares the same passion of helping others while valuing a team approach. It wasn’t a hard decision to pick BMG Advisors!