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What do we mean by "Plan Your Story?" 

At BMG Advisors, we help people in two primary categories: Financial Planning and Investment Management. These are two distinct things, and they should not be confused. 

Financial Planning. Through sound advice and comprehensive technology, we help our clients make informed financial decisions. This is a very broad subject and every situation is unique. Through our "Plan Your Story Process," we partner with you to build strategies designed help you manage your personal goals. But we don't stop there. We also help you execute those strategies and provide data to help you see your progress. Our fees vary for financial planning, but the first "FIT" meeting is always at no charge.

Investment Management. BMG Advisors does the investment research for you. Our active portfolio management process leverages our relationships with LPL Financial, multiple third parties, and dozens of asset managers to pursue our stated goals. Our investment policy is designed to align your investment proposal with the intended goal while carefully considering the following factors: 

  • Managing investment costs
  • Managing risk that is commensurate with your desire risk profile
  • Focusing on portfolio income to assist with market volatility and income needs

And because we believe in transparency, you'll always know your fees with us.

Our Clients

Broadly, our clients tend to fall into one of four categories, each with their own unique circumstances. With BMG's team of professionals and Certified Financial Planners, we have the talent and tools to help.

Building Toward Retirement

Getting started on your story? We'll help you head in the right direction.

Currently Enjoying Retirement

Retirees need strategies to know where to take their income from, and when. We do this every day at BMG.

Small Business Owners

We get it. We're business owners too. BMG can advise you on retirement plans, group benefits, capital gains, and executive compensation plans.

Professional Athletes

You're about as unique as they come. BMG helps our professional athletes seek to build and maintain their wealth. Let's put a plan together with the objective of making your wealth last.